Go Zorbing for an extreme experience

When you reach the top of a hill in the UK, looking out over the beautiful vista on a sunny summer’s day, what could be better than strapping yourself inside a giant inflatable hamster wheel and being thrown down the hill you just climbed!?!

Those crazy guys in New Zealand weren’t content with throwing yourself off a bridge with elastic tied to your kneecaps, they had to come up with something equally mental but slightly more padded. From inventors David and Andrew Akers in Rotorua, they created a worldwide phenomenon. If you live in or near a major town or city in the UK there’s probably a hill with people rolling down it in giant balls right now.

So what is Zorbing?

There’s two types of “orb”, harnessed and non-harnessed. The harnessed version is the slightly more civilised of the two where you climb inside the orb and are strapped in with a friend opposite you. As you’re set off you’ll roll head of heels (or the opposite of that, ahem) until you reach the bottom. The non harnessed version can be up to 3 people who simply climb in and just hang on to anything they can as you bounce around like a drunken hamster in an out of control wheel. Either way it is, quite frankly, bonkers!

What is zorbing like?

I can speak from experience on this one when I say Zorbing is a LOT of fun. Zorbing days usually involve multiple balls and a queue of people getting ready to be “zorbed”. The anticipation builds as you watch others hurtled down a hillside. From the outside it actually seems quite gentle and slow. You lose a sense of scale when you see a ball that big.

Climbing inside is fun, instructors strap you in and make sure you’re tightly in position. They re-inflate the balls every time they’re used to ensure they’ve got enough bounce and enough padding to protect you. Then they wish you luck and give you a quick nudge!

Soon gravity takes over and that gentle-looking sphere you witnessed others experiencing becomes a screaming ball of brain malfunctioning delirium! The balls are transparent too and your world becomes an ever switching mass of green, blue, green, blue as the hill and sky rotate around you. It’s all over in about 40 seconds as you people at the bottom of the hill make sure you stop before you run out of hill. 40 seconds feels like a lifetime and you climb out of the reality bending ball with legs of jelly, but no dizziness thankfully.

You then spend the next hour laughing your head off from the adrenalin rush you just experienced. It really does put a smile on your face, possibly from the fun you had or maybe just thankful you survived the whirling wheel of inflatable insanity.

Where can I go zorbing?

There’s a whole host of zorbing companies in there UK. Here’s just a few worth checking out. Of you

Will I enjoy Zorbing?

If you watch this video and laugh then yes, you definitely will. It’s what British rolling hills were made for!