How to Pack for a Festival

Festival season is upon us and if you’re planning to spend three or four days in a tent, with good music and good company, it’s important to know what to bring. Packing poorly for a festival can ruin your enjoyment of the experience, so make sure you bring the necessary survival kit. There are so many amazing festivals to choose from in the UK, that no matter what kind of music you prefer, you’re bound to find something that suits you and your friends’ tastes.

The Essentials

Festival goers must turn up to the site with their tickets. If you don’t have one, you won’t be going in. Make sure that you book train, tram or bus tickets to get to the festival in advance, as they will become more expensive later on. It’s best not to leave this to the last minute. You should also have a form of ID, so you can buy alcohol if you’re over 18. Some festivals, like Glastonbury, require a form of ID to enter the festival site. When you arrive, pick up a site map and mark the location of your tent and where you’ve parked your car (if you’ve driven to the site). Most festival cashpoints will charge for use, so get money out before you arrive and split it up into different bags and pockets.

Staying Comfortable

Although the festival experience is all about being carefree and perhaps a little muddy, you’ll be grateful that you packed enough to make yourself comfortable. You will need a waterproof tent of an appropriate size for the people staying in it, a sleeping bag, and a roll mat. A small pillow is also good to pack, and ear plugs for when you need to catch up on rest. A mixture of cold and warm weather clothing is advised, because British weather is notoriously changeable and it can become very chilly at nights. Don’t forget a waterproof coat, sun cream, a hat and wellies or other sturdy boots.

Staying Healthy

Return home in good health from your long festival weekend by eating well, and drinking plenty of water. Bring plastic bottles to fill from drinking water taps on site, and pack a store of high-energy snacks that you can graze on throughout the day. Make sure that you bring any medication you need, including birth control pills and asthma inhalers. It’s also a good idea to pack antibacterial hand gel, wet wipes and painkillers.