Visit the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

The Giant’s Causeway is a truly remarkable sight. Located in Northern Ireland, these ancient columns were created by molten basalt some 50 million years ago. Some of the columns are extremely tall, reaching some 12 metres (40 feet). They’re a popular tourist destination in Ireland thanks to the legends that speculate the creation of the causeway and it’s many features. Go and visit the Giant’s Causeway and experience one of the greatest natural phenomena in the world. Here’s our guide to this mystical and breathtaking natural wonder.

Legends of the Giant’s Causeway

Though today we know that the Giant’s Causeway was formed by molten rock, it wasn’t always so obvious. One legend says that a Irish warrior named Fionn built the causeway to get to Scotland to fight his Scottish rival, Benandonner. Unfortunately for Fionn, the massive effort made him tired and so he accidentally fell asleep before he could make it to Scotland. Fionn’s wife found out that Fionn fell asleep and in an effort to protect him from Benandonner, Fionn’s wife laid a blanket over him. Benandonner asked Fionn’s wife where Fionn was. Fionn’s wife lied and said he was chopping wood. She also told him that the person sleeping was their baby. Benandonner fled because he reasoned that if Fionn’s baby was that big, Fionn himself must be gigantic. Benandonner ripped up the causeway on his way back to prevent Fionn from coming and killing him. You can read more about the legend here.

Where to stay near the Giant’s Causeway

If you plan on seeing the Giant’s Causeway I would recommend picking your hotel carefully so you can stay somewhere interesting and near to the site.

My number one hotel choice is the Bayview Hotel. One of the best parts about this hotel is the energy around it. People are always in the lobby talking and having fun, so it’s not hard to meet new people and have a great time. I really enjoyed this aspect because it’s nearly always rainy or cloudy in this area, which is kind of depressing after a while. But walking into a room full of excitement and music is just what you will need to get you out of your cloudy gloom. But even if you aren’t really looking for that, you may enjoy sitting on the benches right outside the hotel and enjoy a serene view of the sea. This hotel is about 5 minutes from the Giant’s Causeway, making it an ideal place to say. This hotel is around $200 each night. This hotel is one of the best you will find in Ireland plus it’s right next to the Giant’s Causeway.

Another hotel choice is the Adelphi Portrush. The Adelphi Portrush is similar to the Bayview Hotel in that it is close to the sea and the rooms are similar. The Adelphi Portrush is  a short walk from the ocean, while the Bayview is facing it. The only difference this makes is that in the Adelphi you don’t have a full view of the ocean. They are both a short distance from the Giant’s Causeway so you’ll have no problem visiting what you really came for.

The Giant’s Causeway is an amazing natural wonder that you really must visit while you’re in Northern Ireland. With its wonderful legends and it’s amazing geological landscape it’s a sight worth seeing with your own eyes.