The Great British Wine Holidays

Global warming is affecting all of us, but there are some welcome by-products for certain sections of society – such as the wine lovers of Great Britain. The slow change in temperate on the British Isles have rendered some parts of the south ideal for growing grapes. Although the first British vineyards are barely 50 years old, some of the current crop are competing with the big boys of ‘old world’ wine.

In 2010, British vineyards won gold for the first time at the International Wine Challenge and helped kick start the annual English Wine Week. The British wine industry is currently wowing wine lovers with delicate whites and subtle fizzies. This means that you no longer have to travel to the South of France to enjoy an unforgettable wine holiday – here are six of the best that Britain has to offer.

Camel Valley

Set amongst beautiful Cornwall scenery, Camel Valley has been producing award-winning wines since the late 80s. Years’ of experience and an attention to detail have led to the production of perfect grapes for delicate, aromatic wines. Camel Valley’s 2008 Pinot Noir Rose Brut has scooped the gold award in the International Wine Challenge. This 82 acre vineyard was founded in 1989 by former RAF pilot Bob Lindo and contains two on-site cottages for visitors. Stays at Camel Valley include a complimentary bottle of wine and a Wednesday afternoon Grand Winery Tour.

Three Choirs

An all-encompassing wine holiday experience in Gloucestershire, Three Choirs vineyard offers wine shopping, wine tasting, wine tours, Bed & Breakfast, 400 tonnes of grapes to see and a dedicated visitor centre. With three Scandinavian lodges and eight terraced Vineyard View rooms for guests to stay in, there is no shortage of accommodation for guests hoping to see the production of Three Choirs’ 14 varieties of wine.


On the Isle of Wight and 42 years of age; Adgestone is the oldest surviving vineyard in Britain. The breathtakingly picturesque views and peaceful tranquillity transports you a million miles from the hustle and bustle of city living. Offering a BBQ under the stars after a long, hard day of relaxing with a glass of world class wine, Adgestone is the ideal summer retreat in Britian.

Wine Tour

Although not technically within the borders of Britain, the Immersive Wine tour offered by Cruise1st departs from Essex and takes in some of the ‘old world’s’ most respected vineyards. The world famous Bordeaux vineyards are afforded two days’ stay for wine lovers to get their fill of the full bodied reds of the region. Next the cruise takes in the Spanish towns of Bilbao and Vigo, allowing passengers the opportunity to try some of Spain’s finest wines.

Ryedale Vineyards

Surprisingly rooted up North in Yorkshire, the Ryedale Vineyards have made a great impact upon the world of wine since producing their first vintage in 2009. Winning a fistful of awards and innumerate admirers, Ryedale produces a number of whites and fizzies, including Yorkshire Lass. Britain’s most northerly vineyard retains the charm that Yorkshire folk are renowned for. 

Glyndwr Vineyard

If you couldn’t tell from the name, Glyndwr Vineyard is found in Wales and is one of the region’s most celebrated wine making locations. Offering bed and breakfast stays and comprehensive tours in the beautiful Welsh countryside, Glyndwr has made itself a very popular destination with work retreats.