British Isle cruise advice (and beyond)

We often get asked what travel options there are for Great Britain beyond the obvious road trip or short flight to Scotland, Northern Ireland, etc.

Well one thing people often forget is that Britain has over 7,700 miles of coast line to explore and there are plenty of ways to explore it!

Not only that but Great Britain is so well placed in the world that we’re a hub for cruises, coastal excursions and Island hopping too!

So lets start with our own coastline, what is there to explore and whats the best way to see it.

British Isle Cruises

Believe it or not there is a fantastic array of cruises that really make the most of the United Kingdom and its truly beautiful coastline.

You can actually catch a cruise ship from the cruise port at Tilbury in London and head on out to the English Channel to explore along the coast. Some cruises last up to 11 nights and stop at some fantastic locations like the Orkney Islands, The Isle of Mull, over to Ireland to stop at Belfast, Dublin and Cork before heading to The Isles of Scilly, down to Guernsey and even a quick jaunt over to the French coast.

Its all possible within one cruise and you’ll get to see the beautiful coastline throughout your journey, like the white cliffs of Dover and the stunning Scottish coast.


Islands of the British Isles

Did you know there’s a whopping 6,289 islands in the British Isles. Many of them in Scotland, with 194 of them being permanently habited by humans too! Scotland definitely has some of the best to visit like the Isle of Skye, Isle of Aaron, Orkney and Shetland Islands. They’re all very easy to get to by ferry, even some by plane. The Isle of Man and Isle of Wight are two of the most famous British Islands, both very easy to get to as well.

Other cruise options

Its worth remembering that the UK is a premium hub for cruises that travel to many overseas destinations. So don’t think you have to fly abroad to start your cruise. There’s many cruises that leave from London, Southampton, Port Leith near Edinburgh, Liverpool, Portsmouth and more! Their itineraries vary depending on their location.

The east coast ports like Leith serving mostly Scandinavian and northern Europe destinations. While England’s south coast ports can take you to the Mediterranean, America and the Caribbean. For something a little different why consider Dubai Cruises with some fantastic middle eastern coastal itineraries. An area that’s growing in tourism appeal.