Best places to visit in 2014

Holiday ideas from Safe Guard UK

If you’re thinking of seeing the world this year, then why not try something a little closer to home… What better way to start your 2014 adventures, than by visiting some of the UK’s most famous landmarks? Taking a road trip in your motorhome is a great means of travelling in complete comfort and at your own pace. But with an endless selection of locations to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to start. Well, thanks to us, the hard work is done for you!  Here are our best spots to visit in the UK.

North Wales

If you’ve ever visited Wales before then you’ll know that it’s a very scenic place. With endless countryside and plenty places for the perfect picnic, North Wales is ideal for those of you who just want to jump in the motorhome and try to discover somewhere new to relax. One place we recommend is Portmeirion. An Italian styled village, this area of Wales is extremely popular with visitors providing a romantic setting in which they can sit back and unwind. With charming local shops and a history that never fails to fascinate, Portmeirion is well worth checking out!

Stratford upon Avon

To go or not to go, that is not the question. The question is, when? Again, Stratford upon Avon provides all the aspects of a motorhome getaway a driver could ask for. First of all, it has several tourist spots to keep you occupied. Being Shakespeare’s birthplace, as you’d expect, it’s a fantastic place for literature lovers, with a newly reopened Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre for all your cultural delights. If you like nothing more than watching Hamlet lose the plot or Antony and Cleopatra’s downfall, then why not treat yourself to a theatre trip during your travels in 2013. It would be rude not to!

Yorkshire Dales

A quintessentially English place to visit, if you are planning on discovering what the UK has to offer this year then the Yorkshire Dales must be on your ‘to see list.’ Similar to the previous areas of Britain, the scenic aspects of the Dales are very much dominated by rural backdrops. However, that’s not to say a visit here would be dull, far from it! There are numerous hiking opportunities that allow you to truly witness the beauty of this part of Yorkshire, as well as the chance to spot a bit of wildlife at the same time. Sound like something for you? Then stop watching Emmerdale and go and experience it for yourself!

Orkney Islands

While the small collection of Islands just off the coast of northern Scotland might sound like a remote and desolate place to want to visit, you’ll be very surprised when you do. A pretty and enjoyable ferry crossing will take you to the main island which will introduce you to the unexpected very quickly. Beautiful villages and rolling hills lead you to amazing tourist highlights such as the Italian Chapel made by prisoners of war during WWII. Scapa Flow where  wrecks of boats helped secure the island from invaders too. You’ll also find a beautiful cathedral in Kirkwall and some pretty little cafes to enjoy the local atmosphere. A drive around the island will take you to some ancient sites too. The stone circle that pre-dates Stonehenge is well worth a visit, as is Skail House and the 6000 year old Skara Brae settlement. Stromness is another town well worth a visit and there’s some cute pubs in town to wet your whistle and meet the local community. The Orkney Islands is anything but remote and desolate. Add it to your list of UK holiday ideas for 2014!